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Guides | Beginner Tips On How To Get Better At Singing

Diperbarui: 30 Jun 2020

First of all, I want to straight out warn you guys that I'm definitely NOT a professional in this field whatsoever. I just have a great interest in singing and I would like to share these easy tips to you guys that helped me sound better (I hope) and perhaps make you learn how to get better at singing!

P.S I cannot guarantee that your singing WILL improve after reading this blog post but I assure you these are what helped me become better at singing.

Voice type

So first of all, how do you get better at singing? It is your voice type. There's no point singing a song way beyond your vocal range and then complaining that you sound bad. IT ISN'T COMPATIBLE TO BEGIN WITH.

Henceforth, identify your voice type. There's many videos out on Youtube that can help to find your voice type. But just for your knowledge, there are the six main types of voices: bass, baritone, tenor, alto, mezzo, soprano. And within these groups there are different subgroups of voices like light lyric tenor, counter tenor, baritenor so on and so forth (but these are not THAT important compared to the six main types of voices).

Here's an informative video to identify your voice type!

So here's basically how to get better at singing by identifying your voice type first!

Breath support

Next on how to get better at singing, you would have to learn breath support. This is probably one of the most important things that everyone NEEDS to learn or perhaps attempt to follow. I know that it is difficult to grasp the technique since it is instinctive for everyone to breath through their lungs to sing.

Breath support involves you to engage your diaphragm to sing and this way you don't strain your throat!

If you feel that you have a sore throat after every singing session or have difficulties talking after singing, you probably strain your throat while singing and you are using either less or none of your diaphragm.

So, how do you engage it?

1st: Imagine breathing like a dog with your tongue out... You will engage your diaphragm naturally and practice this several times until you master it without sticking your tongue out.

2nd: With the air that you breath in, project the air towards the lower part of your mouth BUT DON'T SING FIRST, just breath. Repeat it a couple of times.

3rd: Put the 1st and 2nd steps and sing along with it.

You will feel a difference if you're doing it right and if you don't feel any difference, don't worry! (It might just be that my tips aren't that easy to grasp but that's how I learnt it)

Mixed Voice

This is probably the most important factor to learning how to get better at singing (do take note)!

This is also a key factor to hitting high notes (that's probably the key problem everyone faces when singing). The mixed voice is, in my opinion, the mixture of the chest and the head voice along with good breath support.

When I mean chest voice, it just refers to your speaking voice. Try speaking normally... that's your chest voice and many people only use that part to sing songs hence unable to hit higher notes.

When I mean head voice, it doesn't refer to falsetto which is much weaker and lighter than the head voice. The head voice is the higher part of your singing voice(?) and it sounds really resonant.

To further understand more about it, check out this video!

In this video, he clearly explains what a head and chest voice are and the difference between them. He also elaborates about the mixed voice.

So how do you use the mixed voice? It is a really complicated technique to learn which I took quite a while to learn by myself but here are some tips.

1st: Master both head and chest voices. I know this is really vague but you need to grasp the basics before you can start on the advanced level.

-Mastering means to learn how to control your chest and head voices dynamically, and in tonality. Know your breaking points( basically the highest note that your chest or head voice can reach).

-One little trick I learnt to use my head voice was the Michael Jackson's iconic "He He" (if you know what I mean). Just add breath support to it and DON'T STRAIN YOUR THROAT.

2nd: Mix them in. One trick I use is to imagine that the focal point of both voices is at your nose. Simultaneously engage both voices and direct them to your nose.

This will probably take a while for you to master, taking in consideration of the difficulty and effort it takes. So don't get upset if you don't get it on your first try!

After you master or grasp the three techniques, your singing should be much more fluid and you would be better at singing!

Learning singing is a journey and not something you can grasp in a week or two. It is something like working out in the gym: you don't see results a week or two after training, you only start seeing results after a month or two or even a year.

Hence, stay committed to learning and don't overwork your voice! You can only get better at singing if you remain healthy and persevere!

So, this is it for how to get better at singing! If you like this type of content, do let me know! It is my first time making such content and I do like to make such content as well! Subscribe to my newsletter for notifications of my new blogs!

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