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Let's Discuss | What Is The Easiest Song To Sing?

What Is The Easiest Song To Sing?

It is the job of a singer to sing songs but what if we, as beginners of singing, can't hit the whistle notes like Mariah Carey, belt it like Whitney Houston or use flawless change of breath like Billie Eillish? There is only one way to get out of it.

It is to find the easiest song to sing without all these advanced techniques.

However, finding such a song would be hard. This would mean that the song that we have to find needs to have the simplest melody, easy to follow rhythm, smallest range of notes and has the shortest duration.

Let's face it - it's impossible to find a song like that. Yes, there are songs that fit the description like Blah Blah Black Sheep or Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars (which are essentially the songs with the same tune) but you wouldn't be satisfied with that.

We need to find a song that is complex enough to be considered a "song" to sing but easy enough for us to sing it proficiently. Sounds impossible isn't it?

Anyways, before we even tackle on the song search, we have to know the requirements of an easy song.

What Is An Easy Song?

An easy song means a song that is simple to sing, a song that everyone can sing perfectly with basic training yet not easy to the point that it can be a "sing-along" song.

There is only one word to the requirements of an easy song: simple.

Everything to the song must be simple: the tempo, dynamics, range of notes.

Let's tackle each element one at a time,


A simple tempo would mean to have a steady and constant tempo. Unlike rapping which uses triplets and have changing tempos in between verses, the tempo has to be constant.

This would mean the song would use single notes with little or no change in variations of notes. Older songs give a more steady tempo compared to modern day songs since they utilize simpler melodies and straightforward singing methods.

This topic has been covered by TheStar before. They talked about songs getting faster in the modern era. A study on the year-end top 10 on the US Billboard chart between 1986 and 2015 was conducted by Hubert Leveille Gauvin, a doctoral student in music theory at the Ohio State University in the US.

It was said in the study that "In 1986, it took roughly 23 seconds before the voice began on the average hit song. In 2015, vocals came in after about five seconds, a drop of 78%, he found."

Hence, this concludes that the song we will pick would be from the past.


A simple dynamic structure of a song means that there are little variations in the volume for the song i.e loudness and softness of the song. If we look into the dynamics of different genres of songs, it is safe to say that rock, pop and ballad songs are out of the question.

Rock, pop and ballad songs require meticulous control of the voice, ranging from soft starting vocals to powerful and loud belting at their respective climaxes. On the other hand, indie or jazz songs might come as easier options.

Of course, I'm not saying that indie or jazz songs are easier songs to perfect but they are easier songs to EXECUTE which is what we are trying to achieve in this post.

Hence, it would be best to avoid the above mentioned genres and look into other options like indie or jazz.


This is the most important aspect of all - range. It is IMPORTANT to find a song that is able to match your vocal range, something that is special to you and you only.

However, in this post, I would be looking into the most common vocal range of people. For normal human beings, their vocal ranges from 1.4 octaves to 2.0 octaves. For singers, it might be range from above 2.0 octaves and in rare cases, some might go up to 3.0 octaves.

Hence, we would have to find that only utilizes 1.4 octaves to 2.0 octaves range of notes.

What Is The Easiest Song To Sing?

So here comes the question you all have been waiting for an answer: what is the easiest song to sing?

Honestly, it all depends on you.

Simplicity is SUBJECTIVE.

At the end of the day, if I told you that this particular song was the easiest and you aren't able to perform it well, you wouldn't think it is the EASIEST that I claimed it was.

It might have been the easiest for me but it might not be for you. Even if the majority feels that it is the easiest song, there would always be a minority that feel that this isn't the answer.

Hence, all I can do is to give you GUIDELINES on how to find the easiest song that fits YOU.

The basic requirements to an easy song still applies, no matter who you are. However, it is the personal aspects that might change the way you view a song.

You might find English songs hard, you might feel that pronouncing certain words are difficult or you might realize that although the song use little range of notes, it still doesn't fit into YOUR range. Take for example, the song uses a range from A2-F3 which is technically a little less than one octave. However, you are only able to project a stable sound from B2-B3. The A2 in the song might be hard or impossible for you to sing.

Without further ado, here are some simple guidelines (along with the basic requirements of a song) to finding the easiest song for you to sing:

1) Language

Language plays a big part to singing songs. Some people are much more comfortable singing in their native language and hence this could help them sing better in the language.

For me, I know both English and Chinese. However, English still remains as the easier language for me to sing in since I use it all the time.

Find a song in your native language.

2) Words

Some words might be hard for you to pronounce, hence sing. People with removable braces might find pronouncing words with S's or F's difficult.

Although this might seem insignificant, it does change the way you tackle the song and hence it make it much more harder.

3) Range

As I said above, some song's range might not fit yours even though it is very small. You have to find a song that fits your vocal range perfectly or as closely as possible.

What If I Can't Find The Song?

If all else fails after using the guidelines and the basic criteria, quit finding an easy song and upgrade yourself.

Easy songs are meant to be doable songs at your skill level. If you are unable to find one, it means two things: either you aren't finding one hard enough or you are just bad at singing. Since we've already eliminated the first, then here's the hard truth - you are bad at singing.

Of course, I'm not trying to be mean or anything but that is a fact. Not being able to find an easy song might just mean that you have little to no skill at singing and it is high time for you to focus on upgrading yourself instead of looking for an easy song.

Yes, you might be wondering," Then how do I practice without a song that I'm able to sing? That is so contradicting."

To address that, practicing how to sing and performing a song is two different things. You are allowed to practice with ANY song since you are only using it to develop your voice and improve it. However, performing a song requires you to be able to DELIVER it perfectly.

If you are unable to find an easy song to DELIVER, you could still use it to practice and improve your singing!

That is all for this blog post.

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