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Review | Great mobile app for karaoke!

Diperbarui: 30 Jun 2020


Hey guys! So recently I came across an app that was trending on the app store in Singapore. The app is called "全民 Party" (I know that its in chinese but its not too bad).

So basically 全民 Party allows you to sing karaoke online with your friends. You just create a room and invite your friends in for some singing fun! And yeah, they provide channels that garners a large group of people and they can pick songs to sing to the crowd!

I tried this app with a group of friends and honestly, its a good way to sing and hang out with your friends at the comfort of your home especially during the stay home period now. 全民 Party provides English, Chinese and even Korean songs( for all the koreaboos HAHA) to pick from. The sound system is also not too bad with the basic volume control, pitch shifter and a little echo which can't be changed(i tried).

Overall, this app is worth a shot for people that like listening to music, singing or just want to see your friends a fool out of themselves HAHA. Anyways, here is the link to 全民 Party:

全民Party: https://api.haochang.tv/link?pid=44

Thanks for reading until this point! I have no idea how you got so far with this content HAHA! Anyways, stay tuned on this website for more interesting topics or reviews about music related content! Subscribe to my newletter if you like this type of content!

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