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Product | Sudio Niva Bluetooth Headphone (NIVWHT) Review

Diperbarui: 30 Jun 2020

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Hey guys, this is my first product review! So today, I'm here to introduce you to a wireless bluetooth earphone called the Sudio Niva Bluetooth Headphone (NIVWHT).

I started trying out the Sudio Niva Bluetooth Headphone (NIVWHT) last year, from around September. My earphones were used out and I needed a new pair. I searched around the Internet for some cheap alternatives and I ended up with these earphones. So I've used them for around 7 months and here's what I have to say about this earphones...

I'm gonna review based on four factors: comfortability, music quality, microphone, durability.

Comfortability (6/10)

Honestly I wouldn't say these are the most comfortable earphones to put on but the cushion works well enough for the earphones to be put on for several hours. The shape of the earphones are really peculiar and works in advantage such that you won't feel anything on your ears.

Music Quality (7/10)

Music quality wise, I feel that the Sudio Niva Bluetooth Headphone (NIVWHT) lacks is volume. Noise cancellation of the earphones are not that good but works fine if you don't mind hearing a little noise from the outside. The bass and quality of the music played is actually quite good and similar to expensive brands. However, the volume on the other hand is bad. You need to turn up the volume of the earphones to almost max to listen to the music well. But other than that, the music quality of the earphones is decent.

Microphone (6/10)

The microphone of the Sudio Niva Bluetooth Headphone (NIVWHT) are not really tried by me much. However, in the instances that I used them like in phone calls or just video calling, they work just fine as they are able to hear what I'm talking about but no GOOD for its price.

Durability (6/10)

In terms of durability, the Sudio Niva Bluetooth Headphone (NIVWHT) are okay as well. I have been using the earphones for quite some time ( around 7 months) and the duration of the battery life hasn't reduced much and charging for the earphones is still at a decent speed. For me, I have dropped the earphones a lot of times and slept on them many times (yes, I sleep with my earphones on). They turn out fine even after all these happen on a daily basis. However, I have to say the earphones sensitivity to the magnet of the charging case is a little faulty after some time ( this means that the earphones might not charge right after putting them in the charging case). But other than that, its still okay I guess.

Overall, the earphones have worked fine for me for the past 7 months and I use them quite often.

Overall: 6/10

So in conclusion, the Sudio Niva Bluetooth Headphone (NIVWHT) isn't worth the price but you could STILL buy it if you really like its aesthetics.

If you would like to buy them still, here's the link: https://amzn.to/2KC8Ce6

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