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Recommend | 10 Unique Song Genres That You Didn't Know About

Diperbarui: 30 Jun 2020

Songs have many different genres and we know many of them like pop, rock, jazz, metal, dance or even indie music since they are the mainstream types of music that we listen to.

However, did you know that there were so many more sub genres to music? (over 300 song genres!).

Today, I will be giving you a treat of a lifetime to 10 different unique genres of music that YOU didn't know about.

1.African Heavy Metal

Yes, it is exactly how it sounds like: heavy metal with african music elements in it. It is the use of European and American metal genres, often blended with traditional African instruments and musical styles, creating distinct regional differences.

Heavy metal made appearance in Africa in the 1980s and the locals loved the music. As such, they started making heavy metal music with their instruments and musicality and bands were formed in Africa that achieved regional success.

However, in the 2000s, there was the introduction of dance music which in turn cause the decline of African heavy metal today and this is why many of us don't know about it.

One such example of an African heavy metal band is ARKA'N.

They are the few bands in Africa that are still continuing to produce African heavy metal music.

As you can tell, the music is very different from traditional heavy metal music, as they use different traditional African instruments to it.

In a way, it is more soothing to the ears yet still having the spirit and tenacity of the heavy metal music.


Khaliji is a type of modern contemporary music with characteristics of the Central and East Arabia.

It is characterized with the heavy use of the oud, a pear shaped string instrument and other string instruments such as the violin, the occasional use of bagpipes, and the inclusion of percussion instruments such as the mirwas, tabl, and duffdrums.

The traditional musical instruments are the key to the essence of Khaliji. It has been said that the instruments were customized by the Arabs a long time ago and were used to make music in a way that is true to them, the Khaliji.

Khaliji has of course evolved from the olden days and modern Khaliji incorporates modern instruments like drums or digital beats which gives it a fresh sound.

Here's an example of Khaliji:


Kayokyoku is a Japanese pop music genre, which became a base of modern Japanese pop. It represents the blend of both Western music and Japanese music scales.

However, it should not be mistaken to be Japanese pop. Kayokyoku does not use stylized pronunciations from the English language and most uses the traditional Japanese language.

In addition, performances of Kayokyoku does not display any emotions at the very least.

The music originated in the 1920s. It started with simple melodies that are easy to follow and play along to and lyrics of Kayokyoku are simple and attempt to relate to an everyday Japanese individual.

Here's an example of Kayokyoku:

As you could tell, the melody and rhythm is simple and there were no English slangs in it. The singer does not express much emotions unlike modern ballad pop songs as well.

4.Outsider music

Outside music is literally what it means. Music made by "outsiders". The "outsiders" refer to self taught musicians or informally trained individuals.

People with intellectual disabilities or mental illnesses who make music are also classified under this.

So in my own opinion, Soundcloud music is basically "outsider music" until it is discovered (tell me if I'm wrong).

People who make "Outsider Music" rarely get exposure since you know, they are "outsiders" and hence this is probably why we don't know this term at all.

I won't be showing some examples of "Outsider music" since they are mostly quite bad...

Let's move on!


Trot is a genre of Korean music, known for its use of repetitive rhythm and vocal inflections. Trot has existed for over a 100 years and is only evolving till this day.

Trot got formed its shape during the Japanese Colonial Rule and became the popular music in Korea. However, due to Kpop becoming the trend in the 1990s, trot slowly lost its influence and popularity as a whole. (Well, at least Kpop is pretty good)

The name "trot" is a shortened form of "foxtrot", a style of ballroom dance that influenced the simple two-beat rhythm of Trot music.

Here's an example of Trot music:


Lavani is a genre of music popular in Maharashtra, India. It is the combination of traditional song and dance, and typically performed to the beat of Dholki, a percussion instrument.

The Lavani songs are normally sang at a quick tempo and performed by females.

Women typically wear a sari that is 9 meters long, form a bun with their hair and wear heavy jewellery to perform Lavani songs.

Here's an example of Lavani:

7.Mor lam

Mor lam is a traditonal form of song in Laos and Manila. The vague meaning of Mor lam is 'expert song', or 'expert singer', referring to the music or artist respectively.

The characteristic feature of Mor lam is the use of a flexible melody tailored to the tones of the words in the text. Traditionally, the tune was developed by the singer to intepret a poem written by themselves and accompanied primarily by the khene, a mouth organ.

In modern days, the music evolved in such a way that the songs are composed and use electrified instruments. Mor lam features strong rhythmic accompaniments, vocal leaps, and a conversational style of singing that is based from American rap.

Here's an example of traditional Mor lam:


I know that we used to see music that are made for comedy purposes but did you know that they are a genre of music? Neither did I until now.

Comedy music is a form of music that is comical and humorous in nature, and in itself encompasses a wide array of music genres (it basically means that comedy music is ANY music but with funny lyrics, tunes or music videos).

Most people use comedy music for their stand ups but some, like The Lonely Island use it solely for humour.

Here's an example of comedy (and popular) music:

I'm surprised how they made a whole song just based around..... that. But it has a nice tune to it so I'm not complaining!

10. Nightcore

Nightcore is probably one of the most stupid music genres that I've ever witnesses but its definitely "special" in a sense.

You probably heard this in all the Facebook videos that shows snippets of movies and such. Yes, the song they use are mostly Nightcore music. You're welcome for the information!

Nightcore refers to a cover track that is sped up and pitch shifted. That's it.

But it seems that this music genre actually has people who like them and I'm not going to judge them to it.

Here's an example of it:

This is it for the 10 unique song genres that you might not have listened to before.

Some of them are cultural music but have lost their following as time passes and some of them are absurd music genres that we expect them to be a thing.

Anyways, I hope you liked this post and found it interesting!

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